Ross Millerick
PMIEF Liason
Miscellaneous Information:

Ross Millerick 200x202The PMIEF Liaison provides a vital communications and activities link between the PMI Educational Foundation and the PMI Wine Country Chapter.

PMIEF Liaison Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend PMIEF trainings, updates, and receptions – virtually, as Liaison is available, Leadership Institute Meetings, Congresses, and/or Regional meetings.
  • Become knowledgeable about PMIEF programs and products.
  • Subscribe to and remain up-to-date with PMIEF e-newsletter.
  • Communicate to your PMI community board the wealth of PMIEF resources the board can utilize and the opportunities for partnering with the PMIEF.
  • Provide on-going education to your PMI community board and members about PMIEF.
  • Communicate to your PMI community members the PMIEF resources they can utilize (PMIEF newsletter, scholarships, awards, resources, etc.)
  • Advocate for the coordination and use of PMIEF resources by your PMI community and/or its members.
  • Represent the interests of PMIEF to your PMI community, its board, and members.
  • Promote PMIEF academic scholarships, awards, and training scholarships among your PMI community members, as appropriate, and encourage applicants to submit all relevant materials in a timely manner.
  • Facilitate the sharing of ideas specific to philanthropic activities and creation of new programs from your PMI community to PMIEF.
  • Suggest new charitable programs and products for PMIEF consideration.
  • Become knowledgeable about the ethics and conduct of public charities.
  • Optional: May facilitate PMIEF fundraising events within your PMI community.
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