Kris Everett
Chief Executive Officer
Miscellaneous Information:


Kris Everett PhotoThe Chief Executive Officer (CEO) shall preside in the absence of the President and will assume the office of President after his or her term. The CEO shall have additional duties as assigned by the President.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Perform and uphold any and all duties as specified by the PMI Wine Country Chapter by-laws, and board policies and procedures.
  • Maintain Operations Manual for President-Elect role.
  • Consult and collaborate with the all members of the board to coordinate the needs of the Chapter.
  • Develop and implement succession and transition plan.
  • Assume the role of President in the event the President is unable to perform his or her duties.
  • Serve as presiding officer at Board meetings in the absence of the President.
  • Delegate duties and execution responsibilities, but not accountability, to other members of the management team, as appropriate.
  • Maintain and adhere to the Chapter’s strategic plan, and assure alignment with PMI’s strategic plan.
  • Lead the implementation and maintenance of the strategic plan, holding meetings throughout the year to validate adherence and alignment of current activities with the strategic plan.
  • Obtains operational information from all board members to update monthly scorecard.
  • Assist in mentoring current Board of Directors and/or volunteering in Chapter areas, as discussed and/or agreed-to by the President.
  • Understands the chapter mission, vision and operations.
  • Review and assist the President with the Chapter renewal and all documents for compliance with local laws and PMI. Lead yearly meeting for review and update of the documentation of the Chapter Operations Manual and administrative documentation.

Role Specific Skills

  • Public speaking/presentation skills
  • Ability to delegate effectively
  • Negotiation skills

Average Hours per Month: 14 hours



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