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Thank you for your interest in taking part in the election process to select our 2020 Board of Directors.  In this year’s election, you will be asked to vote to renew 1 existing member for an additional 2 year term, and electing 4 new members to new 2 year terms.  Our Nominating Committee has put forth the following chapter members for you to approve as our incoming Board of Directors (click on names for candidate biographies)

Renewing appointment to a new 2 year term (2020-2022)

Kris Everett

New appointment to a 2 year term (2020-2022)

Jennifer Cortes
Gail Ferreira PhD
Sally Bard
Bill Dominguez

The voting site will be open for members in Nov/Dec. 2019 (TBA)

As per the PMI-WCC by-laws, BoD members are elected at large, Subsequently, the elected Board members will then determine specific offices (e.g. President, Treasurer, and Secretary) from among themselves when they convene in Jan. 2020.

We appreciate you taking the time to vote in this election.  It serves as a measure of our effort to engage you as well as your support of our board volunteers.  Thank you for supporting your PMI Wine Country Chapter.


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