2017 Chapter Organizational Structure


It is with great pleasure that I am writing you today about the positive changes in our Board of Directors makeup that we have coming our way in 2017!!!

First, hopefully you all have seen the communication that our new bylaws and governances passed with an amazing 100% of votes cast.  Many thanks to Jeff Daniel and several others for their hard work and perseverance in drafting and revising these bylaws as necessary for the election! Because of these changes, it gives us the opportunity to organize the Board in a manner that most adequately matches the current needs and talent within any given period of time.

Secondly, Jim Thomas and I have assessed these current needs and talent for 2017, and have consulted with our past presidents and PM Global Team to create a new organization chart…please see the attached ppt deck. As you will see, we have more closely aligned our Team to match a business with a President, CEO and C-Suite with related VP positions. This does a few things for us:

1.      Provides for a slightly smaller Team to negotiate quicker changes to match today’s faster-paced environment

2.      Gives volunteers the ability to have a larger title as a C-Suite and scope of responsibility

3.      Enables each C-suite position an opportunity to lead their own Teams of VP’s they feel is best suited for superior results

4.      Empowers C-suite positions to lead their own teams as real Project Managers

5.      Creates VP’s that now don’t have an obligation to attend every meeting and event, so will increase the likelihood of volunteerism

6.      Establishment of these VP roles gives more people the opportunity to try out various positions and relationships without the 2-year obligation of a traditional Board

Thirdly, we want each of you who wants the opportunity to discuss this new structure the ability to do so with your board and each other.  Please feel free to contact any member of this board via email, and we'd be happy to discuss further with you!

Lastly, if you or anyone you know wants to be considered for one of the new C-Suite positions or the newly created VP roles, then please let me (Joshua) know via email and I'll be sure to get back in touch with you asap